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What is the importance of training your core?


To keep your core strong and flexible so you stay away from injuries that may occur from day to day activities.

Your core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abdominals, including everything besides your arms and legs. It is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body.

The area of the body, which is commonly referred to as the core, is your midsection and it involves all your muscles in that area including the front, back and sides. The core includes the traverse abdominis, erector spinae, obliques and your lower lats.

These muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body. Core training is simply doing specific exercises to develop and strengthen these stabilizer muscles. If any of these core muscles are weakened, it could result in lower back pain or a protruding waistline. Keeping these core muscles strong can do wonders for your posture and help give you more strength in other exercises like running, walking, exercising and weight lifting.

Prolonged sitting and no exercise weakens the muscles of your midsection.

Keeping the torso strong is important because it is the body’s centre of power.

Everyone should be training their core on a regular basis.

Keeping the body’s stabilizer muscles strong will not only improve your workout performance, but will also help in life’s everyday tasks. Bending, reaching and twisting are movements we do everyday. It could be picking up something off the ground, to hanging washing, doing dishes, or reaching to fasten your seat belt.

The last thing anyone wants is to put their back out by picking something up off the floor or simply getting out of bed in the morning. If the core is kept strengthened, there’s less of chance of sustaining an injury from an everyday chore.

The added benefit of incorporating a new and challenging core workout into your routine (yes, I always like to keep my Kerrie Core workouts challenging each and every week!) is it can enhance your overall progress by igniting new motivation.

Incidentally, another reason for core training is a beloved side effect that comes from it. That side effect is a nice toned flat stomach.

Of course that goes hand in hand with eating healthy. We all know abs are not solely built in the studio/gym/home gym, but also in the kitchen.